Brackel, W. v. 2021a. Lichenicolous fungi from Campania (Italy). ‒ Borziana 2: 31‒68.


During a two weeks excursion to Campania in 2016, 36 lichenologically interesting sites were visited. The results of these field studies with special emphasis on lichenicolous fungi are presented, completed with data from the literature. The resulting list comprises 56 species based on original data (own recent records) and 29 species known only from literature; now 85 species of lichenicolous fungi are known from Campania (80 non-lichenized, obligatory lichenicolous fungi). Among these, one species (Microsphaeropsis lichenicola) is new to Europe, one species (Feltgeniomyces luxemburgensis) is new to Italy and 47 species are new to Campania. The new species Endococcus collematis Brackel is described. Provisional descriptions are given for Arthonia sp. (on Pannaria conoplea), Capronia lecanorae ad int. (on Lecanora horiza), Lichenopeltella lecanoricola ad int. (on L. horiza), Polycoccum sp. (on Romjularia lurida) and Stigmidium sp. (on Xanthoparmelia conspersa). In the supplementary material, a list of all noted lichens from the 36 visited sites is given.

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