Valadbeigi, T., Schultz, M. & Brackel, W. v. 2016. Two new species of Lichenothelia (Lichenotheliaceae) from Iran. – Lichenologist 48: 191–199.


Two new species of Lichenothelia, both from Iran, are described. Lichenothelia iranica is characterized by a black thallus with often finely lobate, slightly effigurate, not areolate margins, eight non-amyloid spores per ascus and 1–3-septate ascospores with 1–2 longitudinal or oblique septa. Lichenothelia ilamensis is distinguished by a black areolate, fissured, slightly effigurate or rarely lobulate thallus. The areoles are confluent and aggregated in the centre, becoming dispersed towards the margin, and the asci contain (4–)6(–8) non-amyloid, 1-septate spores.